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German Creatine - 300 grams - Feel Good Store UK
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German Creatine - 300 grams

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The Purest, Safest & Most Effective Creatine Available Guaranteed!

German Creatine contains Creapure Creatine Monohydrate. It is manufactured in Germany and is the purest, safest and most effective form on Creatine on the World market today.

Why Use German Creatine Over Other Creatines?

Purity Matters.

Why? Because lower quality Creatines contain higher levels of impurities. These impurities include Dicyandiamide (DCD), Dihydrotriazine (DHT), Creatinine, Thiourea, and Sodium. Unfortunately, the long term effects of these impurities remain unknown. And because Creatine is used in large amounts for extended periods of time, the quality of Creatine you consume is incredibly important. Our goal is to bring you the safest and most effective Creatine in the World. And that's why we've chosen to use pure German manufactured Creapure in German Creatine , which is guaranteed to contain the highest purity level ever - a minimum 99.95%.

No Excess Water Retention

If you've used other Creatines in the past, no doubt you've experienced excessive water retention resulting in a soft, bloated look to your muscles. This may be due to inferior manufacturing processes that leave excess Sodium in the finished product. Creapure is manufactured in Germany using a patented manufacturing process that has produced the purest Creatine in the World. And unlike cheaper forms, you will not experience excessive water retention.

Superior Manufacturing

The use of inferior raw materials and sub-optimal manufacturing processes can result in Creatine containing high levels of impurities. With German Creatine , this is not the case. The Creapure you'll be using in German Creatine is manufactured for your safety in Germany under strict GMP conditions and verified for purity using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). This guarantees that you're giving your body only the purest, safest, and highest quality Creatine available.

Proven Short & Long Term Safety

Only Creapure has been investigated in more than 50 clinical trials supporting its short term safety. And numerous clinical trials have supported Creapure's long term safety as well. In addition, no toxic effects have ever been determined from Creapure testing. The same cannot be said for other Creatines on the market that do not contain Creapure.

Clinically Validated to Improve Performance

Creatine Monohydrate has been the subject of over 300 scientific studies. And, it is proven to improve strength, increase lean muscle mass, speed recovery, and enhance performance in sports unlike any other sports supplement ingredient on the market today. If you're looking for proven results backed by rock solid scientific data on real athletes, then look no further than German Creatine.

Experience the German Creatine Difference.

Day 1-5:You take a "Before" photo, and tuck it aside. As you begin your loading phase with German Creatine , the daily transformations in your body begin to take place. With each passing day your muscles start to look bigger. They feel fuller and denser as pools of phosphocreatine and creatine build inside your muscles. In the gym, you begin to notice the effects of German Creatine, and by day 5, you're already experiencing significant improvements in muscular power and endurance.

Week 2: Your bench is up, your curls are up, your dead lifts are up...all of your lifts are up. A surplus of phosphocreatine and creatine has been stored inside every skeletal muscle cell, and your body is showing visible increases in muscularity. In addition, you're not experiencing excessive water retention, and you're looking thick and full rather than soft, puffy and bloated.

Week 4: It's been 4 weeks, and you no longer believe that "Creatine is Creatine." The quality and purity of Creapure has made a profound difference. For the past few weeks, you've been able to lift heavier weights for longer periods of time. As a result, your strength has dramatically increased. Looking at your body now compared to the "Before" photo you took on day 1, you see that your muscle mass has increased significantly thanks to the combination of German Creatine , stronger workouts and proper diet.

There's a reason why Creatine is considered the BEST sports supplement EVER. It works. And when it's pure like this, there's nothing else like it.

Additional description

Creatine is well-known for the effects it provides to muscle cells. Many lifters supplement their diets with the finest German creatine. German creatine is much more pure than other forms of this supplement, and the results will speak for themselves. Purer forms of creatine provide all the benefits and will offer dramatic differences in only a few days. Lifters will quickly notice the difference in the looks and feel of their muscles.

Manufacturers often include other items to boost the weights of their product. German creatine is the purest product on the market. It only includes the purest forms of creatine and is rigorously tested in a controlled environment. While other manufacturers are busy diluting their creatine with worthless products such as sodium, creatinine and thiourea, German creatine is constantly tested to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are included in every gram of their supplements.

German creatine is also the safest form of creatine on the market. This product is routinely tested under the rigorous environment of a modern laboratory. These tests enable the manufacturer to ensure there is nothing but the highest quality creatine in every drop of German creatine that is sold. Consumers can also rely on the effectiveness of this supplement. Results are immediate and dramatic. The reason for the difference is the purity which provides a stronger product. There are no worries about ill effects, because German creatine is not adulterated like inferior brands.

Weight lifters have long known about the benefits that are found in German creatine. Creatine is used by the body to transform molecules into energy. Creatine enhances the ability to perform muscular reps in the gym, and supplementation with a quality product offers dramatic results. Consumers can rely on the benefits of German creatine. This product is the highest quality creatine that is made. There are no adulterants that are included to increase the weight of the finished product. Consumers can rely on the safety, strength and purity when they purchase the best German creatine to help them fuel their workouts. All products are routinely tested to ensure strength, efficacy and safety.



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