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Fr¶hle - Vagina Pump Set Duo Extreme Professional

Fr¶hle - Vagina Pump Set Duo Extreme Professional

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The Fr¶hle Duo Extreme Vagina Pump provides you with a whole new experience. Using this pump will stimulate the blood flow to the vagina. This will enlarge the labia and clitoris which makes the vagina ultra sensitive. The vagina pump features a grip pump that provides maximum 800 Mbar (millibar.) This pump has a clear, flexible cup so you can keep a close eye on the result. Moreover, this pump includes an additional, smaller cup to stimulate only one specific part. This model is great for both beginners and more experienced users. The vagina pump includes a connecting tube, valve and grip pump and is easy to clean. Applications: Apply a cream or lubricant to the area around the vagina before you apply the vagina pump. Next, gently press the suction cup onto the whole vagina. Release air from the cup by squeezing the ball pump a couple of times - this will create negative pressure. After a few minutes, open the air regulator valve and allow air to flow into the cup again. Alternate both procedures repeatedly. Never use the vagina pump for more than 20 minutes and stop immediately in case of pain or discomfort.

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