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Forever Flush 2000 225g

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Clean, sanitise and protect your toilet with Ecozone Forever Flush up to 2000 Flushes Toilet Block. Ecozone Forever Flush will keep your loo fresh and protected for up to 2000 flushes (around 4 months). Forever Flush colours the water a fresh ocean blue, sanitizing your loo with every flush, and without stains. Product advantages: It lasts for up to 2000 flushes (around 4 to 6 months). Triple powerful action it cleans, sanitizes and protects. It colours the water a fresh ocean blue without staining the bowl. Very easy to use, does not require installation, just pop in the cistern. Biodegradable and non-toxic. Approved by The Vegan Society. Non-toxic and biodegradable. BUAV approved.

Dietary Restrictions

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Sugar Free
Nut Free
Egg Free
Celery Free
Lupin Free
Milk Free
Mustard Free
Sesame Seed Free
Soy Bean Free
Sulphur Dioxide Free
Maize Free
Citric Acid Free
Aluminium Free
Paraben Free
Crustacean Free
Mollusc Free
Fish Free
Peanut Free

Produce Of GB

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