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F-Slider Pro Heavy Duty Sex Machine

F-Slider Pro Heavy Duty Sex Machine

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F-Slider Pro Heavy Duty Sex Machine

This incredible F-slider sex machine gives a whole different meaning to the famous cowgirl or cowboy pose! With this machine, you hold the reins: take a seat on the soft, ergonomically shaped saddle, create a rocking motion that will engage the machine and decide your own tempo. The handle on the front will give you plenty of grip, or have your partner control the F-Slider. The solid, high-end design will guarantee you many hours of joy and wonderful vaginal or anal pleasure. On top of that, the machine is whisper quiet and you'll never have to depend on power. The F-Slider comes standard with a provocative, realistic-looking, 177-millimeter dildo. However, you can attach any type of dildo to the special connection, no matter if it has a suction cup or not. It also includes a bonus attachment to connect the dildos from the Vac-U-Lock series, which makes this machine very versatile and multifunctional! You can manually adjust how deep it thrusts and the desired angle of the dildo. That machine's maximum weight capacity is 200 kilos. The discrete dust cover that comes included protects the F-slider from dust and curious eyes.

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