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Extreme Sling and Swing Stand

Extreme Sling and Swing Stand

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Extreme Sling and Swing Stand

Easy to assemble whenever the mood strikes this kit includes a sturdy stand a beautiful sling and all the chains and clips you need for comfortable kinky sex! Avoid damage to your walls doors or ceiling by hanging your sling on a stand instead! The unique design features built-in rings to securely attach the carabiners and chains to. The luxurious leather-lined sling offers full access to your partner while they are suspended in the air spread open and waiting for you. The adjustable design allows them to lie back and place their feet in the included but removable stirrups. The padded pillow will cradle their head with adjustable straps at the head that allows you to raise or lower their upper bodies. When you are done the swing wipes off quickly and the stand disassembles easily for discreet storage.

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