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Eskimo-3 Fish Oil Little Cubs Orange 210ml

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Formulated specifically to provide key nutrients that are important to 1-12 year olds with a delicious orange flavour oil, Eskimo-3 Little Cubs combines an optimal balance of fatty acids including omega-3, 6 and 9 together with vitamins D and E. Eskimo-3 Little Cubs is a pure and stable fish oil that provides the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which are important for our health. In fact, 60% of the brain is comprised of fatty acids. DHA contributes to normal brain function and vision and combining EPA and DHA support the healthy function of the heart. Little Cubs also contains vitamin D which supports healthy teeth, bones and muscles, all important for growing children. Vitamin D is also known to support a healthy immune system. With a delicious orange flavour and no fishy aftertaste, there'll be no complaints from the kids about the taste! Inferior fish oils which are not stable can become rancid and can do more harm than good. Eskimo-3 Little Cubs is incredibly stable and has added vitamin E which keeps it fresh for even longer as well.

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