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Elderflower Instant Herbal Tea 20g

Elderflower Instant Herbal Tea 20g

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Elderflowers light floral, sweet flavour is characteristic of the summer and a cherished aspect of country life. Since ancient times this small tree has been revered for its many virtues; cosmetic, culinary, household and medicinal. The Romans used the small elderberries as a hair dye, whereas in England an Elder tree was often planted in the front garden to ward of evil spirits. Indeed, it's more than evil spirits that this tree wards off because the herb has a history of being used as an insect repellent. It is said a spirit resides within each elder tree and if you ever wish to cut a branch from its trunk you must first ask permission from the spirit of the Elder. With or without spirits, it is the flavour of this herb that is key to its addition to the Aquasol range. In hot water it produces a refreshing beverage that mixes well with ginger or green tea. As a cold infusion this will impart plenty of its flavour if it is added to water and left in the fridge to infuse for a couple of hours. Try mixing with ginger or green tea for a slightly more stimulating drink.



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