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Easytoys Small Kegel Ball - Pink

Easytoys Small Kegel Ball - Pink

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They aren't called erotic balls for nothing! Train your pelvic muscles with these little vagina dumbbells. These cute beads will tighten up your vagina and improve your sex life.

How? By increasing your clitoral sensitivity and improving the strength of your orgasms. We are sure your partner will enjoy this too. Do you have the balls to try something new?

Product Features

Material - silicone
Weight - 116 gram
Battery type - n.v.t
Waterproof - Yes
Phthalate-free - Yes
Flexible - Yes
CE tag - Yes
Colour - Pink
Suitable for - Unisex
Warranty - Yes
Warranty Type - Good Warranty Service
Suitable for penetration - Yes
Total rating - 5
Travel-Ready - Yes
Suitable lubricant - Water Based
Stimulation - Vaginal stimulation
Minimum diameter - 2.50 cms
Maximum diameter - 3.00 cms
Insertion depth - 7.00 cms
Length - 15.00 cms
Packing - Retail packaging (cardboard)
Easy to clean - Yes
Drawstring - Yes
Ball Weight - 60 g
Dimensions Packaging - 21x10.5x5 cm
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