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Durex Performa 12st

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Benzocaine lubricant on the inside-top of the Durex Performa Condom ensures that the orgasm is delayed. This allows you to make love longer without (premature) ejaculation. Durex Performa Condoms are transparent in color and come with lubricant and reservoir.

Condom Features:
- Taste: Neutral
- Lubricant (outside): Normal
- Color: Transparent
- Structure: Smooth
- Size: Medium
- Nominal width: 53 mm
- Thickness: Normal
- Package quantity: 12 pieces
- Brand: Durex

Recommended for:
In general every tested condom is safe for vaginal, oral and anal contact, as long as the fit is good and there is enough lubricant.

Product Features

Material - Latex
Weight - 48 gram
Contents - 12 pieces
Condom characteristics - Orgasm procrastinatory
Condom thickness - Normal
Condom structure - Sleek
Condom Size - Medium size
Taste condom - Neutral
Lubricant condom - Procrastinatory lubricant
Reservoir - Yes
Shape - Anatomical
Nominal width condom - 56 mm
Elastic - Yes
Colour - Transparent
Suitable for - Men
Warranty - Yes
Warranty Type - Good Warranty Service
Suitable for couples - Men + Men, Men + Woman
Total rating - 5
Packing - Retail packaging (plastic)
Dimensions Packaging - 12.6x6.5x3.5 cm
Languages Packaging - nl de fr

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