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Chnos-Mimetic - 60 tablets - Feel Good Store UK
Yamamoto Nutrition

Chnos-Mimetic - 60 tablets

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Yamamoto Nutrition Chnos-Mimetic - 60 tablets After years of study Yamamoto Nutrition has managed to create a product for those who are looking for a cutting edge formulation specifically to help regulate the metabolism of macronutrients (chromium).

Berberine is the most valuable element added to CHNOS-MIMETIC. A bioactive compound derived from various plants extracts including the Berberis, which caught the attention of the Yamamoto Nutrition research team, inspiring them to study its characteristics and formulate a product containing it.

A decidedly unique formulation in its field, specifically for those seeking the best without compromises.

Whether for weight loss or gain, the important thing is that glucose (and amino acids) arrive at the muscle cell and not the adipose tissue.
First and foremost, however, we must remember that a proper diet should always be your goal in order to make a difference.



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