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California Walnut Granola Vegan with no added sugar 350g

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Packed with the sunshine from California Walnuts- A no added sugar granolas, equally good as a snack or a traditional granola, the odd cranberry adds a note of sweetness and ruby colour. A great walnut taste without any bitterness. Many people recognise the health benefits of Walnuts but the flavour is what sells this product. Walnuts are associated sperm development and in women there is evidence or delay of breast cancer. We use them because the taste brilliant. The granola has no added sugars- it has sweetness, primarily from Apricots but also a few dates. Nuts are Walnuts, Almonds and Hazelnuts so you get plenty of variety and the odd cranberry adds a burst of fruitiness and with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds adding texture and a little bite. Great with yoghurt, milk or nut milk or great to nibble as a cluster anytime to give an energy boost. As with all our granolas- the oats are gluten free

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