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Boswellia, 250mg - 100 caps - Feel Good Store UK
Haya Labs

Boswellia, 250mg - 100 caps

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Haya Labs Boswellia, 250mg - 100 caps

Haya Labs Boswellia is a natural food supplement, which contains extract from Boswellia tree. It is rich in boswellic acid that has a medically proven alleviating effect in such conditions as arthritis and warned out joints. This supplement improves the blood supply of cartilage and affected joints, thus improving their condition.
Improves the mobility of joints
100% herb product
Standardized extract
GMT certified
Entirely vegetarian formula
Powerful antioxidant properties
Helps in protecting cartilage
Nourishes connective tissue
Alleviates arthritis symptoms
Boswellia is a tree species, better known as frankincense or Indian frankincense. The extract of this herb is derived from a rubber resin that is formed on the tree bark. The healing effect of Haya Labs Boswellia is due to herb's anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties that are spread over the human body. The main effect is to stimulate blood supply in the affected joints and to improve the condition of blood vessels in these areas. Haya Labs Boswellia not only alleviates the pain but acts effectively in order to improve the joint condition.
Boswellia had been already used for thousands of years by the Indians and was part of their ancient medicine. Its implementation was mainly in cases of joint pains, stomach upset, and others. Today the research has shown that the active substance is a boswellic acid and it has been already scientifically proven that it possesses a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.



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