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100% Pure Whey - 4000 grams - Feel Good Store UK

100% Pure Whey - 4000 grams

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BioTechUSA 100% Pure Whey
High protein content: 78%4,6 g BCAA per serving***Gluten freeAspartame freePalm oil freeNo preservativesWide range of flavoursAvailable even in an unflavoured form***This data refers to the flavoured versions, the non-flavoured version contains 4,8 g BCAA per serving.SPOIL YOUR MUSCLES!Supplying your muscles with high-quality nutrients is essential for normal muscle function, muscle growth and maintenance. Like ourselves, our muscles also like to ˜eat well™. Spoil them and yourself with the delicious and creamy 100% Pure Whey protein powder!WHY 100% PURE WHEY?It is a high quality protein shake with a high BV (biological value) and 78% protein content that is 100% derived from whey protein. The wide ranging flavours of 100% Pure Whey is a combination of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and added amino acids (L-glutamine, L-arginine and BCAAs). The non-flavoured version contains only whey protein concentrate, without any added sweeteners, colouring or flavouring.Choose 100% Pure Whey to recharge your muscles!1 Per serving (28 g):    22 g protein    4,6 g BCAA******This data refers to the flavoured versions, the non-flavoured version contains 4,8 g BCAA per serving.We recommend 100% Pure Whey if you:    want an excellent protein source, because the protein content of the product contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass as well as to healthy and normal bones.    are looking for quick solution to regenerate after workout    prefer delicious, varied and creamy flavours    are celiacWe recommend the non-flavoured version if you:    love reform cuisine, because due to its high protein content and the neutral taste it can be used to prepare meals and sweets that are healthy yet rich in useful calories    are sensitive to additivesPROTEIN AS A NUTRIENTProtein is an essential building block of our body, a source of nutrients made up from amino acids produced by our body and supplemented from external sources. It contributes to maintaining and growing muscle tissues. You need more protein if you regularly do sports, if you want to increase your muscle mass, if you want to lose weight or as you get older.WHY A PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT?A quick, convenient and highly effective way to supplement your protein intake is to drink protein supplements; all you need is protein powder, a shaker and some water or milk. Protein powder can be derived from milk, as well as from animal or plant sources or their combination. Their absorption can be fast (30-40 minutes), moderate (1-2 hours) or slow (more than 2 hours).



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